Pwnedkeys is a volunteer-run project, so we need your help to keep it running. If you think that what Pwnedkeys is valuable, here are some of the things you can do.

Tell Everyone About Us

Blog, toot, annoy your neighbours and co-workers about Pwnedkeys.

Keys will continue to get compromised, and already-compromised keys will keep being used. Everyone who handles key material needs to know how to protect themselves and their users from compromised keys. This is why Pwnedkeys exists, and why we’ll continue to look for, catalogue, and do research on these compromised keys.

Corporate Sponsorship

Running and developing Pwnedkeys isn’t free. We need servers to run key scanning operations, host the Pwnedkeys API and other services, like the Pwnedcerts tooter. To look for keys in more places, like firmware images and mobile apps, we need more servers and development time. All this costs money.

If you work for (or run!) a company that handles or analyses key material, and especially if you use Pwnedkeys already, consider becoming a corporate sponsor. Get the warm, fuzzy feeling from ensuring the continued existence and expansion of the Pwnedkeys dataset, and also potentially access to more detailed information about compromised keys, and higher-volume querying options.

Email if you’d like to discuss sponsorship opportunities.